What they taught you in school was wrong. 1 + 1 = 3.

One of the most important lessons in online marketing is the realization that if 1+1=2, then you may have failed. Everything we track must have a purpose, and typically that purpose is to combine that metric with another metric to give us the business action we desire. Metrics should be created with the anticipation that they will spawn other meaningful metrics for the business. The days of “I think” this was a good campaign because sales seem to have gone up are over. We are in the age of data-driven marketing, where the data doesn’t lie but it does tell us if the marketer is. The new black for companies is in their ability to properly measure their success and failures. This pursuit to know the “why” is an endless one because as you continue to dive deeper, you realize that the original answer has now multiplied into 10 smaller possibilities. The continuous desire to acquire the answers will keep you from stagnation and complacency. Every marketing decision you make today should have a cost-benefit analysis at the ready to justify the business case. No metric or report should be collected or created without an action in mind that justifies its existence. We live in a data-rich world; it is about time we start acting like it.