Monthly Archives: May 2011

Where to start…

starting pointI have never been much of a writer, but I think it is important to learn new things. I hope it is not a painful learning process for the people who choose to spend time reading this. I created this blog as a venue to express some of my frustrations and humble subjective views on the commerce industry in hopes that someone may read this and change the way they have been doing business. My end goal is to create value for individuals and organizations to pass on to their potential future customers.

I have been working in the ecommerce space for many years now, but not nearly as many as some. I don’t claim to be an expert, but there have been many things that have enabled my colleagues and I to be very successful within this space. I in no way claim any individual success, as we are only as strong as the teams that surround us.

So, without going on too long I am going to leave you with that intro and the promise of many micro blog posts to come on all things relating to commerce, marketing and analytics.